The Blagrave Arms, Reading 22/06/2012

This was a proper last minute gig. Literally a week before Adam was talking with one of his friends and he happened to mention that there was a slot availble supporting them (Zad). It was a compeltely unexpected gig but we felt it was one of our favourite. We wasn’t sure what to expect either but we were happy with the outcome. It was a rocking night and a brilliant set. Nice to meet Tyas and his band (Zad) and also Rex Dee Jay (the promoter). Maximum respect to Rex for doing our sound - we sounded great. :0) Rex was kind enough to declare as we finished, “it’s bands like you that make it such a shame that smoking in pubs was banned” - Rex feeling the ambience.
Not a massive turn-out but a huge thank you to James for making his second appearance at our gigs, and a big thanks to Mossy and her friend Laura for coming to see us for the first time. We hope you enjoyed it.

Getting cozy at Farnham’s The Barn (02/06/12)

Acting on advice from a good friend (thanks Charlie!) we got in contact with The Barn and sorted out a gig. We didn’t know what to expect but friends had told us that it’s a really ‘chilled’ venue. We arrived, set up and then head in to Farnham town centre to get some food - nothing available. Scott was grouchy as hell at this point as he can’t function without food at least every three hours. The only option available was Dominoes…. (oh dear!!).
By the time we got back to the venue there was a small crowd waiting upstairs for us. We got drinks and then got on stage. It was such a lovely, gorgeous, cozy, and intimate gig! People were sitting crossed legged on the floor inches away from the front of the stage; people were reclined in the sofas, and each step of the staircase has a person on it. We were elated to see so many friends from work there
The best thing about the gig was that we debuted two new songs: ‘Always (safe from harm)’ and ‘Dumb (this is what I can’t say)’ which sounded brilliant. At one point during ‘Dumb…’ Adam was rocking it out so much that the entire drum kit was moving forward towards Scott. Avril commented that it was her favourite gig and felt that it was the first time it struck her that she is involved in a band. Scott’s favourite comment of the night: post gig, a friend shook his hand and commented, “you soulful c*nt!” Poetic!
We can’t wait to play there again. Listen out for big news about The Barn becoming an even bigger venue for live music.

Tue 12 Jun – Bugbear bookings presents…Fire at Night live at The Dublin Castle.

Our first Headlining show (despite it being our third gig!!), and the pressure was on. There are those gigs that define you and those which you’d rather never speak of again. On a spectrum, our show at The Dublin Castle would be closer to the latter end of the spectrum: we’ll probably talk about it and laugh some day but not for some time yet. Painful was one word that was on our lips at one point!
The major problem came down to technical difficulties… we all played reasonably ok, Scott’s voice was on top form; Adam was belting out some cracking fills on the drums; Avril was hitting all the right notes smoothly. Nevertheless, the damn bass just didn’t want to stay in tune and it just got worse. The sound guy then decided to interupt the show and force us to tune right in front of the crowd… (it was at this point that we stopped looking like a headlining band!). Tuning done, we were ready to start playing again, and then both Avril’s and Scott’s amps stopped emitting sound. THis was due to faulty cables… At this point the band were close to walking off stage. We continued and finished off out set.
Things learnt: always have a bass tuner with us on stage!!!!
In fair, the whole night had a nasty vibe about it: one of the bands playing with us were extremely rude and hostile and barely exhanged one word with us - to say they were lost up their own arse would be an understatement!! We then had to rush a soundcheck due to running late; After this we ended up in a dodgy Chinese buffet bar where the happily advertised that their food was packed with msg - lovely!! Poor Adam had root canal surgery earlier that day; Avril had her rabbies injection; and Scott was still recovering from tearing a disc in his lower back. Nightmare!
That said, we did make friends with a great bunch of guys: River Fury (check them out). We’re looking forward to playing with them again at the Bull and Gate on the 30th of June.
Our final word on the show: it’s good to have bad ones so that the good ones, in comparisson, are so much bloody better!
Can’t wait to make up for this at our next show, and belt it out.

Our first gig… The Bull and Gate 12/05/’12

So, our first show (and Avril’s first ever gig!). It was massive! We all really enjoyed ourselves on stage, and the rest of the night was cracking as well. Modest turn-out but so lovely to see familiar faces (Scott was not expecting his parents to be there!). Barry-White-Dog stole the set if we’re honest!
We opened with Gravity, and ended with 792. Our only criticism of the night was our choice of song order (that and Scott talking way too much due to nerves - the reference to Adam featuring on a porn site was a touch left-field and just damn bizzare.). We ended up playing all the belters at the start of the set and left our more mellow tracks for the end. Next time, what we want to do is of course have a bit of diversity in the set but start and end with belters. It’s all on the road to improvement though innit! ;0)

Our much loved ‘Gravity’ - “If you cut me I’ll bleed like you.”

Just the three of us - it’s the magic number!

Just the three of us - it’s the magic number!

A time for thanks.

So the long awaited (long, long, long awaited) demo CD has finally been released and has begun to generate interest. ‘Paradigm 14’ has appeared on Russian, Spanish, and American websites and we’re now starting to book gigs. We’ll be hitting the London scene quicker than anticipated - result.
Nevertheless, aside from this we wanted to take some time out to make some necessary, and perhaps overdue, shout-outs to show our respect for those who have already helped us out and shown us support. We really can’t thank you people enough. So we would like to thank the following (in no particular order):
Adam Pollard - mate, thank you so much for producing our CD and putting up with my inabililty to explain clearly what I liked and what I wasn’t so keen on! Yoiu were unbelievably accomodating of our requests and your patience is clearly one of your virtues. It was amazing of you to give up your free time to help us produce our demo and we’re real happy that you’re going to continue working with us. You’re a musical guru.
Joseph Goldman - Jose, you really are far too talented for a lad of your age. ;0) If I look back to what I was doing when I was your age you put me to shame. Thank you for the amazing artwork you produced for ‘Paradigm 14’, as well as the amazing youtube videos you’ve created: genius! We love them. Looking forward to seeing the website - all this alongside studying hard (….well most times right…..) for your A-Levels; champion. I’m sure one day I’ll be saying I’m proud to have once taught you!
Caroline Hordley - We cannot thank you enough for giving up your free-time to record us on random Tuesday’s. They were always fun sessions and you were brilliantly patient with us; especially all those stupid times I would do something dumb like forget to sing, or space out momentarily. The students are lucky to have such a talented sound engineer helping them out - I know we were.
Simon Jarvis - so much to thank you for Simon. First off, I guess we can both thank you for employment! :0) On top of that, I want to thank you for being so generous in loaning me that gorgeous telecaster of yours. She’s a beaut, and I miss her.
Avril McGovern - where would Fire at Night be without our number one photographer? We can honestly say you’re by far the best photographer we’ve ever worked with…. thanks for our one and only photo shoot. ;0) It was great fun.
Chris Thomas - our creative director right…. ? You were there from the beginning mate. Don’t ever forget that. You were taking photos long before anyone even knew we were a band. Still not sure why you wanted those naked ones though mate….. cheers for all the creative ideas as well bud; still working on that cover of ‘Buttery biscuit base’.
Tom Gornall - thanks for the loan of that uber cool Jazzmaster of yours. Loved having it and I miss it. I found it a very inspiring guitar and long for the day I own one myself.
Lastly, we want to thank everyone who supports and follows us. Thank you so much guys for helping us follow the dream. Can’t wait to see you all at our shows - stay tuned for details.
Peace and love to all.

Too hasty perhaps…

Being premature is something which I thought I had left behind in my teenage years. Yet it would seem that I was incredibly premature in my announcement that our debut EP would be ready around Christmas 2011. This of course has been and gone, and the EP is still not yet finished. It is worth saying however, in our defence, that we want everything to be just right; and it almost is! That said, I do feel a little embarrassed (especially with some of my friends) as I feel as though I’ve spent the best part of a year proclaiming ‘the EP will be ready by the end of the month’. The month ends and of course no EP. Sorry guys. I hope, however, that when you do hold a copy in your hands and you listen to it you’ll see why we didn’t want to rush things.

There have been some changes – see; we’re constantly tweaking until it’s just right. The EP title has completely changed. I didn’t feel comfortable with the original title as I felt it was a tad dull and obvious. We’re now rolling with ‘Paradigm 14’ as a working title as it has far more meaning for us. In the spirit of change I also changed the title of track 3 (from ‘Pot, Kettle, Black) to ‘Still one’ as I felt the old title was perhaps a little too negative.

The reason I announced Christmas as a release date was because this marked the date whereby all the recording had been completed on the 5 tracks. At this stage though very little mixing and production had taken place and so the tracks were in no fit state to be heard by others (although some did have an exclusive listen). To date, our producer (Adam Pollard) has finished the final mixes and now we’re just playing around with the little things we want to get a little tighter. I really do feel as though I’m close to becoming Joseph Grand from Camus’ ‘The Plague’ ( or, ‘La Peste’ if you’re better educated than I). Not necessarily a perfectionist, but definitely desperate to get everything exactly how I want it. I can sympathise with Grand writing the opening sentence of his book over and over and over again – let alone his inability to find the right words to express what he means!

I don’t want to make the same mistake of stating a date whereby our EP will be finally ready, but it will be soon. We’re so close now! I am excited. Watch this space.